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Print small pieces

3d print small pieces.

stampare pezzi piccoli

I often read in the forums about the problems that arise when you have to print small pieces.
To understand why printing small pieces is something that doesn’t always work well, we need to think about how an FDM 3d printer works.

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Even today when someone sees my 3d printer they say the phrase “this is the future” and every time I reply with “you’re wrong, this is the present”. Yes, because every day more people who have a 3d printer at home. The sales of 3d printers are constantly on the rise and at the same time the people who approach all the relative possibilities that it offers. Each of these people begins a kind of adventure in a world of software dedicated to 3d printing and more, just for them I wanted to write this collection on 3d modeling software.

In another article we addressed the topic of 3d modeling by listing the advantages related to the possibility of using online resources to draw three-dimensional figures. Today we propose a list of standalone software always to develop our projects to be 3d printed. In reality, the following impressions are not all derived from personal experiences, some I write based on the opinions that have been reported to me by some users much more experienced than me on these 3d modeling software.


draw 3d online

why draw 3d online?

many companies have made it possible to use software for 3d modeling online and even if they offer very basic features they have a great advantage, you just need a browser to create a 3d project. Virtually all of them require free registration or access through a gmail account and many allow you to keep your 3d drawings in the cloud to be able to resume them anywhere, share or download in the most popular formats such as stl, svg, obj, dae, skp etc etc. Some then make the software available with full potential upon payment of a sum of money that is often not too demanding if for professional use. To start drawing 3d they are certainly an excellent approach and on the net there are very complete tutorials and guides able to start a beginner from scratch and bring him in a short time to a good level of 3d modeling.

If you are curious and want to try these 3D drawing software try the ones we have listed below.

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Difficulty sticking to the bed


Today we’re going to talk about warping or difficulty of adhesion to the plate or, if you prefer, to the bed.

We point up that the suggestions that we describe are the results of our personal experiences and we’re just trying to give you a guideline for those who come across this problem.

Difficulty adhering to the plate with PLA

We usually print with PLA on a mirror or a glass which is fixed on the heated bed with four clips, like clamps, and we usually spray some hair spray a few minutes before the print, to let it dry a little bit.

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repetier host

Introduction to Repetier Host

Many 3d printers can be equipped with an SD card reader to print autonomously, those that do not have this possibility must use a personal computer, connected via USB, with software capable of managing the printer itself.

One of the most used free software is Repetier Host and today I want to describe its most basic features. After downloading and installing it, leaving all the options that it offers us by default, we will have to set it to allow the connection and configuration of our printer. When Repetier Host starts, a window will appear where on the right we find the “Printer settings” button
repetier host

selecting it will open the configuration panel where we find the items Connection, Printer, Print bed options, Scripts and Advanced

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