E3D V6 J-Head a hotend that amazes….

E3D V6 j-head clone

We wanted to try an E3D V6 clone hotend as we had heard good things about it and bought this kit  here

E3D V6

Given the small price difference with this kit we chose this other one of the E3D V6 equipped with nozzle of various sizes

E3D V6

some spare and comfortable nozzle cleaning of various sizes (the one indicated in the link is another one with more tweezers)

E3D V6

the shipment was fast as usual, the packaging more than accurate and everything that was expected in the package was present. The E3D V6 is well assembled with its fan and stand

E3D V6

and resistor and thermistor are mounted with care and precision.

E3D V6

To test the E3D V6 we mounted it on a Plico 10
plico 10

After tuning for the pid at 220 ° we immediately tried to raise the temperature of the E3D V6 up to 250 °. The response in terms of time was almost immediate, a few seconds (146) and we were at 250 °. Curious for having read the temperatures that this hotend promises to reach, we tried, just out of curiosity the 285 °. Considering that the start was 250 ° to reach 285 ° it took proportionally longer, from 250 ° to 285 ° it took 63 seconds but then it remained very stable. We gave up on increasing even more because we were curious to see how it printed more than for fear that it would present some problems and off to the first print in PLA at 195 °
E3D V6

The filament used was not even brand new but I would say that the result was more than good E3D V6

No feared jamming, some reviews talk about it, no leakage, nothing at all. We tried other coils with the same result E3D V6E3D V6

In short, this E3D V6 clone hotend for what it costs is a real surprise, also given the equipment with which it is shipped directly from Amazon and with all the necessary guarantees, for the moment we can safely recommend it, we will see over time how it will behave. and especially with materials other than PLA.

if you want to know more or if you need help or just want to be updated on the E3D V6 theme write us at info@3deasy.it or subscribe to the newsletter

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