a gimbal with arduino and a 3d printer

An action camera gimbal made with:

1 arduino nano you can find here


1 3-axis gyro module and MPU6050 accelerometer can be purchased here


2 9g sg90 micro servo available here


1 x 4-slot AA battery holder

and a 3d printer

By processing the information of the x and y axes and their accelerations coming from the gyroscope, with a simple arduino it is possible to control two 9g microserves to manage the oscillations due to the movement of a small action cam and make our video footage more stable, especially if carried out on board of cars or motorcycles on the move, all at a cost of less than 35 euros. I only suggest a modification to make the coupling of the servos with the levers more stable and that is to screw the supplied brackets with small screws directly on the supports printed in PLA.

special thanks to where you can find all the info and the code to make the gimbal and for making the files available to print at the link

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