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retraction what it is and how it works

retraction, what it is, what it is for and how it is regulated.

The retraction is the consequence of a series of precautions that we can adopt to avoid the phenomenon of “stringing” or … a spider web that forms especially in the case of small prints with cantilevered parts close together. This problem ruins the aesthetic aspect of our prints and produces an impressive amount of very small filaments that can also naturally detach from the piece and then fall into our 3d printer risking to end up on mechanical and / or electronic parts creating the related problems of the case.

Why are these little “hairs” created?

Suppose we have to print on a base two small solid cylinders at a short distance from each other. Our hotend, after having printed the base, will begin to create the two cylinders layer by layer, thus passing from a phase of extrusion of material to one of non-extrusion and again to one of extrusion. All in a relatively short time.

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Print small pieces

3d print small pieces.

stampare pezzi piccoli

I often read in the forums about the problems that arise when you have to print small pieces.
To understand why printing small pieces is something that doesn’t always work well, we need to think about how an FDM 3d printer works.

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