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SUPPORTS …. a great help

What is the purpose of enabling supports in 3d printing? If you are reading this article you already know what an FDM 3d printer is and how it works and that is that it is able to “build” a shape by depositing plastic material layer upon layer.

Yeah but what if I have to print a house with a balcony? a shape with a cantilevered part? coming out of the print base of the object?

Slicers software are our friends…
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Difficulty sticking to the bed


Today we’re going to talk about warping or difficulty of adhesion to the plate or, if you prefer, to the bed.

We point up that the suggestions that we describe are the results of our personal experiences and we’re just trying to give you a guideline for those who come across this problem.

Difficulty adhering to the plate with PLA

We usually print with PLA on a mirror or a glass which is fixed on the heated bed with four clips, like clamps, and we usually spray some hair spray a few minutes before the print, to let it dry a little bit.

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